Body Rehab

What a journey so far!!

Andy Simpson, Fitness Instructor

With guest post from Debbie

As we look back on our first year of our BodyRehab (body
transformation plan) it’s been overall an unbelievable
experience we’ve helped people of all levels and in total lost over 600lbs worth of fat. That sounds a lot but the biggest transformation we’ve seen is in peoples mindset about living healthy, we can get stuck in ruts and low points in life but our health should not be taken for granted. We’re so lucky to say 90% of people that do the programme end up staying for 6 months.

We take more of a holistic approach with the flexibility to train
as much as you want and incorporate spin classes, yoga,
Pilates and our famous SheRocks and HeRocks classes. The
reason why we have this approach is for you to build
maintainable habits and a lifestyle that you will only go from
strength to strength in. The nutrition gets adapted to each
individual based on what’s needed for them. What has really
come up is that once you make the decision to change it has a
positive impact on the people around you, were always hearing
my partner is doing it with me and they’ve lost a pant size etc
which is great to here. I always say that you now become the
coach to the people around you. That’s exactly what has
happened to Debbie one of our most successful clients. Take a
couple of minutes to read her account of her 12 week

Debbie – before & after.

My Body & lifestyle Transformation

by Debbie

I personally decided to do this plan to shift my final weight loss
having slowly lost 3.5 stone. My weight had plateaued and I
needed that boost to get rid of my final two stone. I also
yearned for a stronger, leaner and healthier body that would
remain with me forever – so the plan had to be sustainable.

I had done some Pilates and circuit training at PF and Andy had
talked about the plan and was totally excited and committed to
it. I had many questions to ask before I personally committed –
all of which were answered in a professional, positive and
encouraging way and certainly enough to convince me that this
plan was a no brainer for me. It was also so important to me
that my family were on my side and supporting me 100% – and
they are totally!

Once I had committed, Andy provided us with the Transformation Plan. Information on nutrition, food diary sheets, food planners, exercise session plans, supplement info and a timetable for the next 12 weeks. All quite daunting at first but I put my night time book away and started to enjoy reading about protein, insulin, carbohydrates, fat storage etc etc.

We were invited to a VIP Facebook page which I have to say has been one of the best support groups ever! We send photos of our meals, talk about how we feel, talk protein shake flavours, compared muscle soreness and have a giggle at the same time – everyone is there for each other! We downloaded the Zoom App so we could join Andy’s weekly meeting (when most of us are tucked away in bed trying to look half awake) which has again been very informative and supportive – oh and not to mention fun!

The food is all so straight forward.

Healthy and clean and food we all love to eat. A list of what we could and couldn’t eat helped with my planning. I soon got into planning menus to fit in
with my family. To be honest a lot of the time they eat the same as me with maybe a few extra carbs. It’s great to see what everyone else is cooking and eating on the VIP page and it really helps with varying your meals more.

One thing I would say is that you have to be accountable and wholly committed to the plan. So NO cheating or having treats for a few weeks. I found the second week particularly hard as I was on holiday for a week with my family. I stuck to the food plan and exercise as much as I could but also enjoyed a few drinks – after all I was on holiday. I was dreading the weigh in and body fat measurements on return but to my amazement I had lost 7.5 lbs and my body fat had reduced by nearly 2%. I was so happy and more motivated than ever. I was on my way to the stronger, leaner and healthier body I desired..

Classes, commitment & fun

The exercise classes (called VIP Body Transformation Classes) are great! All on a programme which was given to us at the start. We have to attend at least 3 (there are 7 to choose from) which everyone has committed too and we really enjoy each other’s company and spur each other on! It is amazing how absolutely everyone is doing so well and progressing. I must admit I did wonder what I’d let myself in for when reading a timetable of 6 12 25 Training, German Volume Training and HIIT but all became apparent and I can only say it is fab! Every session is different with a variety of strength training, cardio, body conditioning & sessions targeting specific areas – I thought I hadn’t been born with triceps but they are starting to appear and I quite like them!! Again commitment is key! I personally have done Pilates, a little bit of yoga and spin classes (all included in the price) on top of the 3 VIP classes and I certainly think it helps.

“I thought I hadn’t been born with triceps but they are starting to appear and I quite like them”

We are all in week 6 now and about to have our second weigh in and body fat measurements done – eek! I am still loving it and as motivated as I was in week one and I am sure everyone else feels the same. Thanks to the team!

As a round up I would highly recommend joining a Body Transformation Plan with Andy and his team. They will NOT let you fail. You are there to succeed. They are supportive and will encourage you all the way. They give you all he right the tools to succeed and you will. One thing we have all learnt is that you will have bad days but with all the support from the team and from each other we have all bounced back and continued on to hopefully become Stronger, Leaner, Fitter & Healthier people and make this our future way of life.”

Debbie created an unbelievable lifestyle that not only changed
her life but she influenced a lot of people around her and with
great success.

If you’re looking for a place and time to start then we have a great
opportunity opening up and starting in January. We have a brand new head coach Hannah who is fast becoming known as hardcore Hannah, she will not rest till your successful. Feel free to drop me a message and we can discuss how the programme can work for you.


Our VIP 12 week programme gives you unlimited classes, online one to one coaching and nutrition planning with recipes you can use for the whole family.

Visit the BodyRehab page to testimonials

Our 12 week body transformation programme gives you unlimited classes, online one to one coaching and nutrition planning with recipes you can use for the whole family.

Visit the BodyRehab page to see our testimonials


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6am – 9pm


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